The world's largest deserts as an energy source

The global hunger for cheap energy and the demand for more renewable energies has prompted people to invest increasingly in solar energy. Areas with the highest solar irradiation are particularly popular, where the so called Concentrated Solar Power can be used.

It does not have to be an expert to realize that in the desert there is twice as much solar radiation as in Europe.

But why are there nearly no solar power plants in the deserts?

Picture source: NASA,  Ben Figgis, Pawan Singh / The National, Reuters/Stringer, First Solar, Ricardo Arduengo AFP

Dust intensity around the world

Source: ScienceDirect
Source: ScienceDirect

The measurement results (10) in this area of the Photovoltaik-Institute Berlin lead to the following conclusion: "A sandstorm sweeping across a PV power plant may cause all the modules to become completely covered with sand, leading to a 100 percent loss in yield."

Desert Solar is the solution that is prepared for yield losses and enormous operating costs.

Don't put your money in the sand

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