24/7 electric power directly of the desert

Our maintenance-free solution cleverly generates electricity with high performance optics and with highly efficient and endurable ADAM CPV modules (1). The power can be stored cheaply for several months in hydrogen (LOHC) (2) or artificial methane gas and then converted back into electricity at any time by means of fuel cells or gas turbines. 

Our Vision

This vision is to generate electricity directly and without detours.

A 24/7 solar power plant is presented, which can be operated without inefficient mirror systems, without miles-long pipelines, without steam turbines, without power generators, without oversized thermal storage tanks and without expensive battery storage systems.  Furthermore, we focused on protecting the optics against environmental influences such as dust and sand, whereby the cleaning of the collectors should be carried out without water. So that the O&M costs could be kept to a minimum and the solar system would ensure a daily 100 percent yield.



We have succeeded in creating a highly efficient solar power plant that can generate electricity significantly less than USD 10 per MWh in the sunniest regions of the world.  Also at the South or North Pole.