Solar concentrator with fragmented optical components

An example of the localization of the solar concentrator in Antarctica.

Our Vision

This vision is to generate electricity directly and without detours.


Our maintenance-free solution cleverly generates electricity with high-performance concentrating optical systems and with highly efficient and ADAM MODULES (1). The power can be stored cheaply for several months in hydrogen LOHC (2) or artificial methane gas and then converted back into electricity at any time by means of fuel cells or gas turbines. 


This unique concentrated solar power plant, which operates around the clock, generates the electrical energy without inefficient mirror systems, miles of piping, steam turbines, power generators, oversized thermal storage and expensive battery storage systems. Care was also taken to protect the optics from environmental elements such as dust and sand, and to clean the collectors without water. Since the system is always clean ready for use and maintenance costs have been reduced to a minimum, the solar system guarantees an energy yield of 100 percent per day.


In contrast to all other CSP systems and especially Noor-Ouarzazate solar power plant in Morocco, which requires around 19 tons of diesel and about 8 million liters of water every day to cool and clean the mirror surfaces, DESERT SOLAR manages without a single drop of water or diesel and is inspected and operated fully automatically solely by autonomous drones.

We have succeeded in creating a highly efficient solar power plant that can generate electricity significantly less than USD 10 per MWh in the sunniest regions of the world.  Also at the South or North Pole.