24/7 High Performance Solar Power plant

How the new concentrating collectors works ?

The functionality is in principle the same as in the Ring Array Concentrator (3). Because the manufacturing and optical connection of the individual rings is very laborious and expensive, the outer parts of the rings were removed here, leaving only the central parts which were connected to each other on a wire frame. This method has the particular advantage that these small pieces can be produced very easily and a kind of multifocal optics can be formed from them. 

Steps in the manufacturing of high performance        multifocal optics

Exploded view of the ultra-light collector

  1. Glass/ETFE covering
  2. Top frame
  3. Multi-focal optics made of high reflective MIRO-SUN®(4)
  4. Central frame
  5. Bottom frame
  6. ADAM modules

High-performance solar power plant

This high-performance solar power plant with 5 collectors of a new type optics is specially developed for desert areas. The glass surfaces are cleaned (5) several times a day with compressed air. Therefore, there will be no losses due to dusting of the mirrors. Operating and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

These collectors with 40 CPV-ADAM modules have an output of 120 kWel and 225 kWth.


The entire system is equipped with biaxial tracking to the sun.

  1. Glass-protected collectors with multifocal optics
  2. Rotatable axle
  3. Supporting structure
  4. Load-bearing axle
  5. Worm wheel
  6. Driving unit
  7. Column of concrete rings

A highly efficient CPV-ADAM Modules

Each of the AZUR SPACE (6) modules has 3.2 kWel

and 6 kW of thermal power output at 700 suns. Electrical protection of solar cells against reverse voltage is provided by bypass diodes. The solar cells and diodes within ADAM are completely interconnected and only electrical connection to the external circuitry and connection to cooling system shall be provided by system integrator. For requested thermal management of the module, an active liquid cooling system is necessary.

What to do when night or no sun shines anymore; where can the energy be stored?

And what else can we do with this gas or hydrogen?              The use of gas turbines or fuel cells is the solution